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The Genesis Woods

Portal Starting Area

Some say the genesis woods are as old as recorded human history ...

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Forest Glade, May 8, 2019

You come to your senses..

You are in an open glade in what seems to be a forest, or woods at least, there are trees around you as far as you can see. The strong brown oaks reach high up above you, and the branches around the glade spread out to the open blue sky where the sun overhead shines down and warms your face and the glade. Birds tweet in the warm slight breeze that brushes past your face.

At the eastern edge of the glade you can see a path leading through the woods into the distance, it looks to be a heavily travel path. While to the west you can hear the faint trinkling of water as if a stream was nearby, there is a fainter path off to the left.

Alternatively you could search the area.