Using B:// as a content creator

tl;dr: Add .html to your Bico.Media link to get B:// urls working

The idea behind the B:// protocol is that you reference material as any other url and the browser will fetch the data for you from the blockchain.

If you don't want to wait until we have full browser support, you can still use it - today - by asking Bico.Media to provide some TLC to your data. Example:

If the previous line contains information about when to use B:// you know its working. The line was written by a script referenced to (in the data stored on the blockchain) as: <script src="B://d35bef43196674781721a0221632ee6d6d25ed04b8b07c60a7df44d401b8f2ad "></script>

The original data only contains the B:// url and will - in the future - be displayed correctly on any platform when all browsers are up to speed with Satoshis vision for bitcoin.

How does it work?

When you open[tx] you will always get the original data - but if you add .html to the url you are indicating that your data needs some TLC.

Ok - so how do I do it?

  1. Upload the files you want to refer to using
  2. Remember the transaction ID (tx). Its 64 characters long
  3. In your document you refer to your material using B://[tx] as the url
  4. Make sure that any url using the B://[tx] notation is directly within quotes or double quotes
  5. Upload your html document on and remember the tx
  6. Share your content with the link[tx].html
  7. Enjoy


Any TLC treated content on Bico.Media supports B:// urls, as long as they are directly within quotes or double quotes.

2019-02-01 MWulff