Bynamic Domain Name Tx

It can be cumbersome to keep sending your audience updated links so they can access the transaction containing the latest changes when data is hosted on the blockchain.

Making an on-chain domain name setup would be awesome - so while we all wait for the perfect solution Bico.Media lets you use the traditional domain name system to identify a specific transaction. We call it Bynamic Domain Name Tx - or B://DNT. This will let you distribute a link like to your audience while being able to update the content as you please.

To use a B://DNT url on Bico.Media you need to make a TXT record in the DNS setup for the domain with a B:// reference to the content you wish to display, like:



If you make a TXT record for with the content


The url will provide the same content as when you open directly. When you have a new version of your content, you upload it as normal and change the TXT record to reflect the new transaction ID. It's not perfect. It's not decentralised, but it works - today.

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2019-02-19 MWulff