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    The MetaVerse


    Genesis Woods - a Glade.

    The woods in this area opens up into a wide circular glade.

    You stand in a clearing with trees surrounding the open glade that you are in. The area stretches around you in a rough circle with a prominent large old tree in the south of the glade, you can see something glinting off the bark of this tree. Above, the sky is blue with a faint hint of clouds drifting across the skies while the light sound of birds in the air brings a slight music to your ears.

    At the eastern edge of the glade you can see a path leading through the woods into the distance, it looks to be a heavily traveled path. While to the west there appears a thinner path that leads deeper into the woods.

    You see a large coin made of gold molded ornately with the Bitcoin symbol and embedded deeply into the centre of a heart engraving in the middle of the tree. It looks far too important to even consider trying to touch, or steal it.