Your Quest

Knowledge & Truth

Your mission upon the Eternal Boundless Lands is to explore and gain knowledge for yourself that you might grow, connect and share, and in time profit.

  • Complete quests
  • Find treasures
  • Uncover stories
  • Find the truth
  • The MetaVerse


    Genesis Woods - Eastern Path.

    You walk down the path.

    The path winds through the trees, the bright green leaves rustling in the wind as the sun warms your face as you walk. The trees are old and varied and the area seesm to have been undisturbed for the greater part, you see a small rabbit hole under the brush and apart from the winding muddy path that has been kept clear there is not much of interest in this area.

    Off to the east somewhere you can hear the sound of distant rushing water. To the north the trees seem to thin out a little bit and the path seems more worn. To the south the trees grow as far as the eye can see.

    This path goes deeper into the woods to the south, or you can go north.