Send More Dogs

January 1st, 2023 2:27pm
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$SendMoreDogs handcash handle!!! Maria engaged, congrats Maria!! something called "XRYSTALS" coming on the 4th! AND MORE


What poems, songs + art will u play at @castleborne Open Mic 8pmUTC+8pmEST on Thursday, January 5th? @ruthheasman 💕james @Manifestable @mungojelly @KPDAD72 @FromArise @jimmiebitcoin @SirToshiTV @kittytreats @MelRichelle @AdamPaigge @CryptoCountesss @realworldBSV @cowsareblue

— 🐉Rory Zimmerman 🥕 (@rbzbeijing) December 27, 2022

join the chat 1000sats which will exist for 1000 hours, until February 11th at 4am, to request/perform small fun tasks at the price of a thousand sats (nb: current market value supposedly just a twenthy-fifth of a cent)


this is witty! witty is from Chrissy! thanks chrissy! follow chrissy's twitter @bheshchrisrin

this is Skilli dog trade! sdt is from Skilli, check out Skilli's website

this is Jj, Jj is from Maria, thanks maria!! follow maria on twitter @MariaGorero

this is bebeloves, who was sent by Send More Dogs's first livestream participant, Rodel, thanks rodel! follow rodel's twitter at @rodel_03_

this is Knovvy, who i sent myself on behalf of metamitya of Knovigator, an excellent site you should check out that's a good place to organize thoughts & earn a few sats

this is Jiggly Jig, also sent by Skilli! thanks again Skilli! follow skilli on twitter at @skillicash

this is snow, sent by Eva, thanks so much eva!! you can follow eva on twitter at @eva44965

this is Dracula, also sent by Eva, thanks again Eva!!!!

this is Sendeeee, sent by my husband I X Key!, follow him on twitter @supercluper

this is Senteeee, sent my my husband I X Key!, check out his youtube channel!

this is Cutie Patooteeee, sent by my husband I X Key!, check out his instagram @supercluper

this is Bison, sent by my husband I X Key!, check out his pinterest!

this is Blue Santa, the latest dog, also from Skilli, thanks again Skilli, thanks everyone

this should be the Send More Dogs business card, does this work?? :/